Exciting News

Kerry has been talking with two amazing greyhound rescues in America, Greyhound Friends and Fast Friends about taking ex racing greyhounds from our waiting list. Kerry has been working with these rescues with Candy Cane and trusts them 100%. Kerry is working with a trainer and he is happy to do everything to help us and his dogs. We are currently sorting out flights, the vet and all paperwork. We will keep you all updated when we have dates booked for these guys to go. If we can do it smoothly this will be great as we can help so many more dogs. BGP can’t get through all the dogs on the waiting list, and some dogs have been waiting. We are also going to look at helping rescues in Ireland. Greyhound racing in USA is in a massive decline and people in America love rescued greyhounds so this partnership will help many greyhounds in the UK and Ireland to find fantastic homes in America. Both Fast Friends and Greyhound Friends offer back up recuse for life. They work in a similar way to BGP.

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