Exciting news!!

Message from Kerry!
I have some important news. So I’m moving away from Birmingham to Binbrook Lincolnshire. The main reason is for my children but also the dogs and the rescue. I can’t run two rescues from my house anymore as I have ran out of space. So we are changing a few things and one is going to be the name. Our new name is going to be Greyhound Protection UK. This is with immediate effect. Over the next couple of months the name will be changed on merchandise, leaflets, etc. I will still run the rescue aswell as Candy cCane but the main base will be in Lincolnshire. We will still have a small team of fosters in the Midlands and our fundraisers will still be working hard for us and I will still be involved and coming to the Midlands often for meetings .All homechecks will be the same and the way things are done all applications for dogs will come via me. We are also opening another branch in West Sussex.This branch will be run by Sarah-Jane Knight with me over seeing it all as I’m a complete and utter control freak. We will be looking for volunteers to do dog walking, fundraising etc in West Sussex. We do have another couple of people joining the team in West Sussex which I’m really excited about but I can’t say who they are at the moment. So basically we will now have 3 points of rehoming in the UK, South, Midlands and Noth. Exciting times but I’m sure we will still get all the same support we always have had from people. It’s a massive positive step for us as a rescue because we have grown from that little rescue 8 years ago that was just going to rescue one dog a month. Will update more over the next few weeks.

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