Droopys Blair, Droopys Dale and Frisby Barney!

Droopys Blair, Droopys Dale and Frisby Barney, all 3 are Irish race dogs that were sent to China to be used as breeding machines. The racing industry in the UK and Ireland know their dogs are being sent to places like China where the dogs will be exploited and used and abused and will never have a retirement but yet they still sit there and dont do anything about it. China has no welfare laws, the dogs can’t become pets due to height restrictions and anyone who tells you otherwise is talking rubbish. The vets are not up to our standard of veterinary care and the dogs are being sold and passed on like objects. The off spring of our dogs are being raced on under ground tracks then once their race days are over they will be sold for meat. Frisby and the two Droopys got lucky because Mike James found them and Candy Cane Rescue saved them and brought them home. The racing industry or the supporters of greyhound racing haven’t tried to help in anyway shape or form they have simply just brushed it under the carpet and tried to discredit the work true greyhound lovers are doing to save the dogs. We have some good news in the New Year about another two very special boys that were also sent to China for breeding even tho the racing industry have said both dogs are retired in homes. We all know the racing Industry is full of lies and greed this is why greyhound racing needs to be banned. All we ever hear is there’s a “few bad apples “ in the game when we all know the whole industry is rotten to the core. Please don’t bet on dog racing and support local greyhound rescues, adopt, foster or donate towards these wonderful gentle dogs. All 3 boys are in homes now in the UK.

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