Droopsy Dale’s story

Goose racing name Droopys Dale. He was sent to China from Ireland when he was just 3 years old and spent 3 years being used for breeding. He is now living with Kerry her 8 dogs, two small children and cats in the UK. He isn’t the brightest of hounds but he is just wonderful. He was rescued last year and has been in the UK nearly 12 months. He hasn’t been easy at times as he was so disconnected from everything, had no idea how to be a pet but he has finally settled down. He is going on his first holiday to the seaside. Unfortunately a lot of people think because the Canidrome in Macau is closed that no greyhounds are raced or being exported to China. I am not taking anything away from the Macau dogs but it is far from over in China. Dogs are still being exported and living the worse possible life. The dogs are being bred and bred and passed around like objects. The fight to free the dogs continues and we will carry on until the exports and greyhound racing is banned.

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