Still in Spain, not for adoption yet!
Soledad will be joining us from Spain soon.Little write up from the shelter in Spain .Soledad, galga
Age : 22/12/2017
Size: 68 cm, weight: 26 kg
Test diseases negative
Story: Soledad arrived at the refuge after we were warned that her galguero wanted to get rid of her.
Character: Soledad is a beautiful cream-coloured galga that unfortunately was beaten. When you raise your hand, she tends to drop down to cushion the shock. She is a bit skinny. She walks very well on a leash and loves to go on crazy runs with her fellow dogs.
We are convinced that it won’t take her long to really appreciate your caresses but it is in a house that she will finally be able to discover the happiness of being a beloved dog forever. Soledad needs a house with a large well fenced garden.
Cats : Soledad stayed in her corner during our cat test. She didn’t want to know anything about them and at no time was she aggressive with them.
Dogs : Soledad likes the company of other dogs but is a bit dominant and has a tendency to ‘chase’ small dogs.
Children : Soledad is still very shy around people she doesn’t know and has a tendency to pee herself. She needs time to adapt and to understand that she is not being hurt. She doesn’t really know what a caressing hand is and she needs to learn everything.
  • Name: Soledad
  • Age: 3
  • Sex: Female
  • Color: white
  • House Trained: House Trained
  • Cat Friendly: Yes
  • Dog Friendly: Yes
  • Greyhound Friendly: Yes

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