New boy Pirlo(pi) arrived as an emergency yesterday.One of our supporters contacted me about this lad being advised on fb. Turns out he is the same lad I and one of our supporters have been trying to get for a couple of months. He has been on free adds 3 times but the owner wouldn’t answer after agreeing to us having him more than once. It was all very odd and we was worried about this lad but we now have him safe and sound. He needs to be neutered and he has some mega scars on him.
He is absolutely tiny for a bit smaller than a girl.
He was apparently sold by the GBGB trainer to a flapper and after that we have no idea what happened but this boy was let down by the racing industry and just passed around with no rescue back up and not neutered.


New boy Pi has wasted no time settling in!

Pi was rescued from a selling website after he was incorrectly homed by a racing trainer. More information to follow.


  • Name: Pirlo
  • Age:
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Brindle
  • House Trained: House Trained
  • Cat Friendly: Not Yet Tested
  • Dog Friendly: Not Yet Tested
  • Greyhound Friendly: Not Yet Tested

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