Update: Legera’s foster momma failed! She now has her forever home.

Princess Legera or Leggy as she has become. 8 days into foster, she is part kangaroo, part mountain goat, part seal, despite being teeny, she is mighty in spirit and appetite!
She is now about the correct weight and has the most beautiful black shiny coat and spotty belly, she is very clever, very sneaky, a proper thief, despite Galaxy being 15kg heavier, she can hold her own in a bitie face, bitie paws game…..and win……
She can clear the baby gate into the kitchen from a standing start, and can insert herself into the tiniest space and then shimmy until she is flat out and happy, she roaches, she will alert bark if she thinks there are enemies outside the door, plays with toys, snuggles and sleeps on the bed……. she is full of life and character
Her foster momma loves her to pieces, so please someone snap her up before she weakens and keeps her !!!!!

  • Name: Legera
  • Age:
  • Sex: Female
  • Color:
  • House Trained: House Trained
  • Cat Friendly: Not Yet Tested
  • Dog Friendly: Not Yet Tested
  • Greyhound Friendly: Yes

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