Comet is a star!
He’s been meeting people and dogs and got on well with them.
He also met some little people yesterday, on their way out of school. I know their parents and that they are scared of dogs, but also want to talk to dogs. Step up Comet ???
Happy to stand still and let them stroke him (not leaning for once, as though he knew that would scare them ?)
They were worried about the muzzle so took it off, they cuddled him and kissed him .
Saw them again this morning on our walk and they ran up to him to say hello ??❤️❤️
They love greyhounds now ❤️
Also Comet is sleeping through the fireworks here tonight , such a good boy.


  • Name: Comet
  • Age:
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: Black & White
  • House Trained: House Trained
  • Cat Friendly: Not Yet Tested
  • Dog Friendly: Yes
  • Greyhound Friendly: Yes

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