Please meet Claus racing name Penny’s Shogun. He was bred and raced in Ireland then exported to Spain. At the time of his rescue he was still officially standing in Ireland. We have been looking out for Claus because we lost him once in Spain.

In April he and his brother Bob were for sale on a selling site in Spain but by the time we seen the add he was gone but we managed to get Bob. Claus is a shy beautiful reserved boy who has taken a few days to settle after his ordeal of being exported. We know he had at least 3 owners in Spain that passed him around and bred from him. He is very hand shy like he is waiting for a smack.

He is a sweet gentle boy and just another Greyhound let down by the very industry that is meant to protect these magnificent dogs. The Greyhound industry are allowing 400 plus registered Greyhounds to be exported to Spain every single year. Spain is responsible for tens of thousands of sighthounds dying each year when hunting season is over. The racing industry is a disgrace and so is everyone who supports it knowing this is going on and does nothing about it. Claus is safe with me at Greyhound Protection UK Lincolnshire Branch


  • Name: Claus
  • Age: 3
  • Sex: Male
  • Color: black
  • House Trained: House Trained
  • Cat Friendly: Not Yet Tested
  • Dog Friendly: Not Yet Tested
  • Greyhound Friendly: Not Yet Tested

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