Dogs are still being exported to China…

This is just heartbreaking 💔Greyhounds from Australia are still being exported to China.Also Caged this week have found more Irish bred Greyhounds are being exported to China.I have been called racist for talking out about dogs going to China but the reality is these dogs are being sent to a life of hell to be used as machines.
There’s zero animal welfare laws in China,Greyhounds are used for breeding for the underground tracks in China.Many of the bigger tracks closed in China so it’s now underground because even tho dog racing is allowed in China gambling isn’t.
I have been working with rescues from Canada and America on collecting data from Greyhounds we have rescued from China.So far Australian,Irish and American bloodlines have been shown.
What this means is the off spring of exported racing Greyhounds end up in the meat trade.I have personally witnessed this myself when I went to China and to the tracks I seen some owners there selling the same dogs at the meat markets.The racing industry all over the world is responsible for this and need to be ashamed and so should all the pro racers that seem to think exported these dogs is acceptable.

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