Dia del Galgo!

Today is February 1st, known as “Dia del Galgo” or “Day of the Galgo” in Spain, marking the end of the hunting season. Today, because the hunting season is ending, thousands of galgos will be abandoned, killed or, at best, surrendered because they are no longer “needed’ for huntingoda.

Galgos are a breed of sighthound often used for hunting in Spain. They are frequently kept in appalling conditions and subjected to cruelty, abuse and abandonment. Similar to Greyhounds in many ways, Galgos also have their own very particular characteristics. Lively and even playful at times, they are gentle and affectionate companions who bond closely with their humans.

Many of these amazingly beautiful, sensitive dogs live short miserable lives after which they are just disposed of, like irrelevant rubbish instead of the wonderful creatures they are.

We have many coming into our care, so please get in touch if you would be intersted in offering home to one of these amazing dogs. Most can live with cats, other breeds and are great with children.

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