Corona Virus- Update from Kerry!

The Corona Virus is hitting and stressing everyone out. What people don’t realise, it has a massive impact on animal rescues. I run Candy Cane Rescue which is a rescue based in China and for nearly 3 months now it’s just been so hard and stressful because we have dogs (140plus ) sitting in the boarding kennels and at the vets waiting to leave but they can’t because China has been on lock down .We still have to pay all vets, boarding, bedding food etc so our bills last month were over 26k 😖. Now the virus is here and in Europe it’s effected Birmingham Greyhound Protection my UK based rescue. We can’t move our dogs from Spain and shortly dogs from Ireland will be stopped too. We are having to stop all fundraising events and people have stopped donating. I understand times are difficult now but please remember the rescues because without public support we can’t save animals and can’t have a rescue .I actually think we have one of the best teams, we always pull together and people are in it for the dogs and that is all . Thank you everyone who supports CCR and  BGP.  Thank you everyone who has stepped up to foster, you have given these dogs a lifeline.

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