Chris, Sadie and Misty have arrived from Spain

Chris (Beepers Chris), Sadie (Meenala Sadie) and Misty (Clongeel Misty) have arrived from Spain. The girls are mega excited and Chris is a little shell-shocked bless him. Massive thank you to everyone who donated to rescue these dogs from a life of hell in Spain and thank you to Diana Laurie and Jacqui for looking after them in Spain while we got them ready to travel to the UK.

The Greyhound Racing industry sold these precious dogs to Spanish breeders so they could basically be used as breeding machines. They only went to Spain last autumn and within weeks were being offered for breeding within Spain or for sale. They should have been rehomed when they stopped racing and given the chance to be family pets; we contacted the IGB and were told they couldn’t do anything to stop the sale of Racing Greyhounds 😡😡 These 3 got lucky but sadly 100s travel to Spain each year.



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