Risk and Roll saved from being send to Pakistan!

Please meet Albert racing name Risk and Roll. Jo Loomes collected two female greyhounds  from Derby for Greyhound Protection UK today . When she  went there, there was a black male greyhound in the kennel on his own.The owner told Jo he was flying to Pakistan next week. Anyone involved in greyhound rescue knows sending … Continued

Lucky reunited with his family!

Few weeks ago we rescued Trixie racing name Trixies Eske in Spain and 3 of her female pups. She was bred with Irish greyhound Confident Ssh who we also rescued and he is now living in the UK. The breeder sold the male pups and kept one for breeding. He messaged us last weekend to … Continued

7 months old greyhound pup found in Spain!

We have taken this little 7 month old greyhound girl called Violet. She is an off spring from Irish greyhounds and was being sold for 150 euros. Kerry’s friend has driven miles to collect her. She will becoming time the UK soon when  she’s ready. She is a very nervous atm and wondering what  is … Continued

Dimples Doc, Moanteen Jaccy and Tommy’s Chase rescued in Spain!

Message from Kerry! 3 very special greyhounds arrived with Greyhound Protection UK – Dimples Doc, Moanteen Jaccy, and Tommy’s Chase. They are Irish bred dogs that ARE registered to UK trainer Lee Fields from Monmoore Green in the West Midlands. All these dogs are babies at 2 years old and only had trials. Rather than … Continued

Trixie an Irish greyhound found in Spain!

Message from Kerry! I have been fostering a greyhound call Martin but his real name is actually Valentino racing name Confident Ash. The reason I have been hiding him is because I have been trying to get an Irish girl Trixies Eske from the same breeder in Spain. Today we have managed to get her … Continued

Irish boys have arrived in the UK!

Irish greyhound Penny’s trooper who was exported to Spain and his son junior have arrived safe in the UK. Both will be up for adoption once assessed. Both are in foster home in Midlands.

Boys are on the way from Spain!

Irish greyhound Penny’s Trooper is on the way home from Spain He was exported to Spain for breeding after racing in Ireland. We also managed to get troopers son Junior who is also on his way. Both boys are so lucky because now they have a chance of a home and not to be just … Continued

Please meet 3 newbies!

Please meet our 3 newbies . Jo Loomes from South Yorkshire Greyhound Rescue asked us to take two girls from a trainer in Derby. She went to collect them and there was a black boy in the kennels due to go to Pakistan. After much negotiation and Jo being being locked in the kennel, she  … Continued

Lilly needs a special home!

Lilly is still waiting for that special home. She has been in foster for nearly 5 months and settled so much. She needs a very understanding home As she goes from 0-10 in seconds and needs help to come down in certain situations. She is so loyal and actually really funny as she is so … Continued