We need you help to save these dogs!

I’m trying to get these four dogs into our care .They are all for sale in Spain the black female with the J on her is being sold for £600 and Irish exported dog .The black dog with the collar on is her off spring and the other two dogs are galgos. The fawn dog … Continued

Export- message from Kerry!

Message from Kerry!   Irish greyhounds that have raced in the UK and Ireland get exported to China for breeding .Again the exported dogs DON’T get sold for meat as far as I’m aware because that would make no sense to send dogs half way around the world to be eaten. I have made this … Continued

Fagans Amigo- Irish greyhound saved in Spain!

Please meet Amber racing name Fagans Amigo.Amber was bred in Ireland then sold for breeding to a breeder in Spain. She was never meant to have been found or rescued but was simply sold to be used as a machine for breeding. Thankfully Greyhound Protection UK did find her and with the help of some … Continued

Neamstown Badger saved in Spain!

Neamstown Badger.This beautiful Irish greyhound has spent four long shitty years In Spain thanks to his greedy owners in Ireland who sold him to be used as a stud dog in Spain .We have been following him in Spain as he kept appearing on sites being offered as a stud but he was never for … Continued

Please meet Tamy and Kikki!

Couple of days ago two female greyhounds were on fb being sold. As you can see by the post and screen shots they were being sold to either be track dogs or to be worked as the owner states that’s what he uses them for. Also in the screen shot next to the add someone … Continued

New boy Sammy!

New boy Sammy Lucky pup he is a tattooed registered greyhound that should have been protected by the industry but as we see so many times so many are let down.Lucky for Sammy I was a rescue because I was not  asked anything not even my name we just agreed a price of £90 and … Continued

Boys are safe!

The three boys in Spain are safe. They were collected today from the breeder in Spain. The breeder really isn’t a nice man so I need to be very careful what I post atm for the safety of my friend who helped me collect the boys. The lads are in boarding kennels and will come … Continued

Thank you everyone for their donations!

Thank you so much everyone who has donated. We have  raised just over £2000 for the lads in Spain Any money left, will go to their boarding and then we will need to raise the transport to the UK.The boys will be collected next week Massive thank you everyone who donated and to Jo and … Continued

Snowy and Violeta are on their way from Spain!

Snowy and Violet are on route from Spain Snowy was sent to Spain this year from Ireland and Violet is a galga cross greyhound. She is very nervous bless her atm. Both dogs will be going to the West Sussex branch to be assessed and homed via our sister rescue Candy Cane Rescue. Adoption fee … Continued