Please meet Bob Penny’s Ryzen

Please meet Bob racing name Penny’s Ryzen.This beautiful gentle boy was bred and raced in Ireland then when he was no longer wanted he was sold to breeders in Spain.Greyhound Protection UK found him on a selling site for breeding. He is such a sweet gentle soul yet the racing industry in Ireland and the … Continued

Please meet Charlie-Chicago Fire!

Charlie racing name Chicago Fire is the lad we collected last night from Gumtree .He is a GBGB registered dog but last raced on the GBGB tracks last August. He was then sold to be raced on flapping tracks which are unregulated tracks. He raced Friday night picked up an injury then after apparently seeing … Continued

Export- message from Kerry!

Message from Kerry!   Irish greyhounds that have raced in the UK and Ireland get exported to China for breeding .Again the exported dogs DON’T get sold for meat as far as I’m aware because that would make no sense to send dogs half way around the world to be eaten. I have made this … Continued

Johs, Thomas, Pirate have arrived in the UK!

The 3 boys from Spain have arrived. Josh is a Irish greyhound called Serenity Blue. The other blue boy Thomas is a full greyhound bred from Irish greyhound in Spain. Pirate is a galgo cross greyhound but the hunter did scam us because he told us he was an Irish greyhound. When the team went … Continued

4 lucky hounds ontheir way to USA!

Izzy, Billy, Trevor and Zena have all left the UK  and are flying to America to New Jersey Greyhound Friends. The Dogs have been with superman Vaughan Harmanand who took them to Heathrow. The dogs were rescued by Sarah Connolly at Paws in Ireland. Theres so many unwanted hounds in Ireland and that’s why aswell … Continued

We need urgent funds for Louie!

Louie was dumpted by travellers. He was found with a broken leg and we were contacted to help him. He was taken to our vets in Solihull. Louie is having surgery tomorrow. He has broken his femur but the issue is the vets have him at 9/12 months old, where the break is it’s also … Continued

News from our West Sussex Branch!

Message from Kerry! I visited the West Sussex branch with Jayne Brack. We got more pics to add to the dog’s profiles. We need more house collars and dog walkers if anyone wants to volunteer please contact Sarah-Jane Knight and if anyone has any spare house collars drop me an email I will send the … Continued

Stevie is still looking for his forever home!

Stevie arrived with us just before lock down in March. He was rescued by PAWS in Ireland from a farm where dogs were fighting and he was attacked pretty badly  which lead to Stevie being really fearful. The farm had dead dogs and remains everywhere so it was a dramatic place for any of the … Continued

Lucky reunited with his family!

Few weeks ago we rescued Trixie racing name Trixies Eske in Spain and 3 of her female pups. She was bred with Irish greyhound Confident Ssh who we also rescued and he is now living in the UK. The breeder sold the male pups and kept one for breeding. He messaged us last weekend to … Continued