3 galgos on their way to the UK!

Soledad, Grand-Poder and Sheba are now on their way from SpainThey are going to the West Sussex branch. More information to follow.

2 more galgos saved by GPUK!

The old male galgo who is around 12 years old and female galga who is around 4 years both were in a kill shelter In Spain and are now safe in bBathlon Kennels.They are coming to the UK soon.They need names so I thought I would leave it to you guys to name them.They will … Continued

World Galgo Day

1st Feb is world Galgo day. Galgos are known as a Spanish greyhounds.The dogs are used for hunting and even tho over recent years things have improved in Spain these beautiful gentle souls are still abusedand murdered in their thousands each year .Today is the beginning of the end of the hunting season in Spain … Continued

Message from Kerry!

Last week Greyhound Protection UK rescued four dogs in Spain after we were informed about them on a selling site by Rita James from Caged Nationwide.One was a female Irish exported greyhound and her off spring son. The other two were galgos that are used for hunting in Spain. When I first saw the photo … Continued

Four dogs are saved in Spain!

Yay the four dogs in Spain are safe Thank you so much everyone who has donated towards the rescue of these beautiful hounds.I know rescues say it all the time but honestly without the support we wouldn’t be able to save any dog .We are not a rich charity and always have vet bills but … Continued

We need you help to save these dogs!

I’m trying to get these four dogs into our care .They are all for sale in Spain the black female with the J on her is being sold for £600 and Irish exported dog .The black dog with the collar on is her off spring and the other two dogs are galgos. The fawn dog … Continued