Massive thank you to Lilys Kitchen for the food donation!

At the Lincolnshire Branch we have just had 6 pallets of Lily’s kitchen delivered for our dogs.Theres a mixture of wet food and dry.This will save us hundreds of pounds in food.The West Sussex Branch also have 5 pallets on the way. Amazing I’m so chuffed because it’s amazing food and one we could never … Continued

Thank you Percuro for food donation!

Massive thank you to Percuro for their donation of Dog Food. Its a dog food that’s insect based and they are looking at becoming sponsors of the rescue. Thank you to Ann again for making a contact with them.

Thank you Webbox for the donations!

Massive thank you to Webbox for their donation of food ,treats and toys. I am  taking them to Vaughan as he is looking after some of our dogs until I have space .Big thank you to Ann again she is a Wonder Woman at getting donations.

Appeal for dog treats!

Kerry has been ordered me some treats  for the dogs and they are a massive hit. We are doing a treat order today for more of these and some other disgusting looking treats like rabbit ears and chicken feet Each treat is around 50p -£1 which isn’t a lot but we over 30 dogs it’s … Continued

Update on Shelby!

Shelby (Racing Name Our Peaky Blinder) Greyhound Protection’s Irish greyhound we rescued in Holland has been the vets and the vets have confirmed he has multiple dog bites on him.This boy was exported to Holland to race then ended up on a advertisement for sale.Our volunteer collected him she didn’t provide ID or was even … Continued

2 more galgos saved by GPUK!

The old male galgo who is around 12 years old and female galga who is around 4 years both were in a kill shelter In Spain and are now safe in bBathlon Kennels.They are coming to the UK soon.They need names so I thought I would leave it to you guys to name them.They will … Continued

Appeal for the dogs beds!

Now the weather is becoming warmer I’m looking at getting extra beds for the foster dogs so they can spend more time relaxing in the garden. We all know how much greyhounds and galgos love the sun so these beds would be fabulous. If anyone would like to donate towards a bed our PayPal is … Continued