We need your help!

Message from Kerry! I said at the start of lockdown I think financially we will be okay for six months. Unfortunately I was right because now we have hit an all time low On funds and the way it’s going we will be shutting our doors for any new intakes until we start getting more … Continued

Thank you everyone for their donations!

Thank you so much everyone who has donated. We have  raised just over £2000 for the lads in Spain Any money left, will go to their boarding and then we will need to raise the transport to the UK.The boys will be collected next week Massive thank you everyone who donated and to Jo and … Continued

Thank you for the sponsorship guys!

A massive thank you to these 2 lovely fella’s Mel and Colin at Midland Plant Training and Testing. They have sponsored the ‘Lovely pancho’ one of Gpuk long term fosters. They have been so kind with their donation too. By supporting Gpuk Sponsoring /fostering programme you are helping with food and vets Bill’s for the … Continued

Update from Kerry on Jasper!

I have just come back from meeting little Jasper. He is such a sweet sweet boy despite the fact he has had major surgery and clearly still is in pain! He just wants to be by you He will be going into foster tomorrow then once he is healed from his elbow surgery he will … Continued

Louie has been discharged from the vets

Message from Kerry! Louie has been discharged from the vets my little girl is completely in love with him and she named him when he first arrived. He is such a gentle sweet boy and once he has recovered he will get the best home Thank you once again everyone who donated towards his care!

Thank you to Webbox for their donation!

Massive thank you to Webbox for their amazing donation of wet food, toys and treats They all went to the West Sussex branch. Big thank you to Ann Ward as always for arranging this donation. Ann works so hard for GPUK and Candy Cane. Much appreciated Ann

Update on Star!

Star who we rescued in Ireland has been to the vets and had X-rays. Her leg has completely fused together so more damage would be done to try and fix it as it would needed rebreaking. She has been pretty poorly as she has a pyometra and she’s only 18 months old.  She also has … Continued

We need your support in our West Sussex Branch!

Laura playing with Emeilla and Noah We are still looking for volunteers at our West Sussex Branch. Its a new branch that we want to build and grow but need support. We need hands on support like dog walking, grooming meeting the dogs getting them use to new people, new dogs new walks etc . … Continued

Exciting news!!

Message from Kerry! I have some important news. So I’m moving away from Birmingham to Binbrook Lincolnshire. The main reason is for my children but also the dogs and the rescue. I can’t run two rescues from my house anymore as I have ran out of space. So we are changing a few things and … Continued

Almost an Angel 66 is fundraising for us!

Almost an Angel 66 (Elle Wilson) is offering to donate a COMMISSION piece of your own dog to help raise funds for one of the charities she supports – BIRMINGHAM GREYHOUND PROTECTION. The commission may take up to 5 months to complete due to work demands but its more than worth the wait. The commission … Continued