We need you help to save these dogs!

I’m trying to get these four dogs into our care .They are all for sale in Spain the black female with the J on her is being sold for £600 and Irish exported dog .The black dog with the collar on is her off spring and the other two dogs are galgos. The fawn dog … Continued

Happy New Year from Kerry

Massive Happy New Year to all our supporters and volunteers. This year has been very very difficult due to Covid . All our fundraising and events were cancelled but rather than just give up the team all pulled together and done loads of online fundraising which has basically saved us from going under .We scarp … Continued

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful supporters and volunteers. Much love thank you as always for all the support year in year out . So far this year we have rehomed 266 dogs and saved over 300 Not bad for a small independent rescue that is run on public donations and volunteers

Thank you for your donations!

Message from Kerry! Just sorting the shoes boxes at the Lincolnshire branch. Thank you so much who supported our appeal it’s absolutely amazing. Our dogs are going to be very spoilt .Our West Sussex branch has had loads aswell

Urgent help needed!

Message from Kerry! Here is the urgent dog I posted about .Steve has her now and on the way home with her. She’s 10/11 years old just had pups, living outside so very dirty and has a wound on her back.Dirty rotten s owners have just used her and sold her to make money. Thank … Continued

We need help raising funds for our dogs in Spain!

Morning everyone. I really need help We have 11 hounds to get to the UK before the end of the year and all the rules change due to us leaving the EU ..The way it stands it will be almost impossible to bring dogs from Europe. We have Galgos, a Pod and five Irish racing … Continued

Thank you Natures Menu!

Massive thank you to Natures Menu for their kind donation of half a pallet of foil trays of meat for our dogs Big thanks to Ann Ward for arranging the donation.

Thank you to Butchers for your donation!

We have some very lucky dogs here at the West Sussex Branch of Greyhound Protection UK.. this incredible deliver of Butchers tinned food has just arrived. Massive THANK YOU to Butcher’s Dog Food for this amazing and generous donation.. And a massive THANK YOU to our wonderful Ann who works tirelessly behind the scenes to … Continued

Appeal fot Christmas Shoe Box!

 Message from Kerry! It’s now that time of year again. Our dogs love their presents at Christmas and we make sure every dog gets a shoe box. So come on peeps start getting the shoe boxes ready and once they are ready to post drop me an email on [email protected] and I will send the … Continued