Update from Kerry on export!

Message from Kerry! Greyhounds from Australia, Ireland, UK and America have been exported to China for breeding for years. Exported dogs are NOT sold for meat they are used for breeding.The dogs are passed around on loan to different owners in China. Apart from the fact these zero animal welfare laws in China the meat … Continued

Export- message from Kerry!

Message from Kerry!   Irish greyhounds that have raced in the UK and Ireland get exported to China for breeding .Again the exported dogs DON’T get sold for meat as far as I’m aware because that would make no sense to send dogs half way around the world to be eaten. I have made this … Continued

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful supporters and volunteers. Much love thank you as always for all the support year in year out . So far this year we have rehomed 266 dogs and saved over 300 Not bad for a small independent rescue that is run on public donations and volunteers

We need your support in our West Sussex Branch!

Laura playing with Emeilla and Noah We are still looking for volunteers at our West Sussex Branch. Its a new branch that we want to build and grow but need support. We need hands on support like dog walking, grooming meeting the dogs getting them use to new people, new dogs new walks etc . … Continued

Rex is still looking for his forever home!

Rex is still looking for his forever home. We are hopefully going to start rehoming dogs already in the UK soon when we can do homechecks. Rex was rescued last summer in China from a meat truck holding 100s of dogs. He was at the vets with another greyhound called JB but unfortunately he passed … Continued

Candy Cane fundraising event!

Please ready Kerry’s message re fundraising event for Candy Cane- BGP twin sister rescue and support if you can! So the biggest fundraiser we have ever done is kicking off today. We want to raise hundred thousand English pounds. This seems like such a lot of money but it will set us up for the … Continued

Corona Virus Update!

The corona virus has not only effected our sister rescue Candy Cane, it’s now effecting BGP . Our dogs in Spain can’t travel and we have 6 Galgos and Joy the Irish female who were all due to travel in the next two weeks . We have dogs booked to travel to the States which … Continued

Droopy’s Blair update!

Droopy’s Blair now called Josh was bred and raced in Ireland and is still currently standing in Ireland. Unfortunately he was sold to China for breeding. Rather than him having a retirement the greedy people in the racing industry sold him to a country with no welfare laws, no protection, no chance of a home … Continued

Sparta Bounty is dead!

We posted few days ago about Sparta Bounty which was sent to China from Ireland for breeding 2 years ago. This boy has been passed around like a machine and has hundreds of off spring now in China. I had two of our supporters contacting me and offering to buy him back and bring him … Continued