Cassie’s Legacy rescued in Spain!

Please meet Cassie racing name Cassies Legacy. We rescued Cassie last week from a hunter and breeder in Spain. Cassie is a Irish bred tattooed greyhound . She last raced in Ireland in August 2018 so rather than her having a retirement and becoming a pet she was exported to Spain for breeding 😡😡😡😡😡 She is still registered as standing in Ireland under the IGB 🙄.The life the dogs have in Spain is horrific, they are just used over and over again and used as machines. Cassie now has a future and will becoming to the UK in November. For so many greyhounds unfortunately this is the case because every year at least 400/500 greyhounds are being exported to Spain from Ireland and the UK. Shes now in boarding kennels having her blood tests and vaccinations before travel.

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