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Fantastic news from Burgess Pet Care. Thank you very much for everyone who nominated us. This will help our hounds in foster homes. Good quailty of food can be very expenisve so donations like this are always very much appreciated.

The Greyhound and Lurcher 2 week Takeover results are in!

The votes have been counted and we can reveal the top 5 most nominated rescues are…

Makants Greyhound Rescue NW
Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue
Birmingham Greyhound Protection
Hector’s Greyhound Rescue
GRSY – Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire

We would like to thank everyone that got involved with the Greyhound & Lurcher 2 Week Takeover, your nominations mean that these rescues will each receive a substantial amount of our Supadog, Greyhound & Lurcher food! We hope you enjoyed the takeover as much as we have!

We’ll be hitting the road soon to deliver the donations, so stay tuned for updates!

#gratefulforgreyhounds #nurtureourlurchers

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