Bracken has arrived!!!

He’s here guys and he’s only a pup, vet estimates between 9 months to a year old.
He has the sweetest nature, it absolutely breaks my heart to think of him all alone and starving, the nights have been so chilly too.
He currently weighs 14kg and at this stage the vet is optimistic his internal organs are ok but if he doesn’t start to gain weight then he’ll require bloods.
He certainly has a big appetite which is understandable but he’ll be having 5 small meals a day for the time being.
Thank you to Arun Veterinary Group for taking him in on Friday and contacting us.
A massive thank you to all those who’ve already donated, we have so many greyhounds that currently need our help, its really impacting on the finances.
We have massive vet bills to pay
Any amount, no matter how small would really help
Our PayPal: [email protected] and mark your payment Bracken or Bank details as follows:
Royal Bank Of Scotland
Birmingham Greyhound Protection
A/C: 16279041
S/C: 83-04-25
We cannot take dogs like Bracken without you..
We’ll keep you updated on his progress.

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