Bentley Beat The Clock- Irish greyhound exported to Spain

Please meet Beat The Clock, pet name Bentley. Bentley is an Irish bred greyhound who was exported to Spain 2018 by the delightful Emer Duffy. He was sent to Spain for racing and breeding. He wouldn’t have ever become a pet in Spain but only used as a breeding machine. Spain is responsible for killing thousands of sighthounds each year yet the racing industry still thinks it is ok to send them. Bentley is so sweet and kind, he didn’t deserve this but he is lucky and now has a chance of a normal life as all dogs deserve because I know this may shock people but greyhounds are dogs aswell not just money making machines. The trolls within the racing industry slate me all the time and I’m glad because if they liked me I’m doing something very wrong. We will stop the exports and I will keep shaming the industry. Bentley will be up for adoption soon. He is cat and dog friendly and truly and wonderful happy young boy.

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