Beale Julianne exposion!

A few months ago Rita James and I started looking into free adds that kept popping up in the Dorset area and Bristol area for ex racing greyhounds needing homes. I called the person on the add and he told me they were a rescue and neuter their dogs and do full homechecks and Rescue back up.It didn’t add up so twice with help I applied for two dogs advertised and pretended I just wanted another dog.Both times I got the wrong dog I was meant to be getting and both times the dogs were a mess I had no homecheck , no follow up call ,wasn’t asked for ID and the dogs were not neutered. The male dog I was trying to get was the black dog who looks older in the pics below as the person who had him said he had a high prey drive and I didn’t want him getting into the wrong hands .Anyway we found out the dogs were coming from Henlow Track and being given to Julianne Beale who had been taking dogs for years and the trainers were paying her £100.So in the trainers eyes they were doing their part and passing the dogs to someone they trusted. What they didn’t know is she was putting them up for sale on the internet within hours of getting them.The black female was the last add to go up and I tried to get her but failed same with the boy.Last week a lady contacted me she had found a black female who had been loose for a few weeks.The lady had found the owner who no longer wanted her and after talking to her it was clear who the dog was and like all the others from Julie she had been sold to someone with no experience or homechecks etc .The lady with Holly decided she wanted to keep her as the owner didn’t want her and wasn’t feeding her and she was loose anyway for at least two weeks.I agreed to become rescue back up for her.Then the lady with Holly told me
the owners also had a Male from Julieanne and again no homecheck etc and the current owners like with Holly couldn’t look after him and wasn’t feeding him.Of course we agreed to take him and to my utter delight he was the older dog I was trying to get weeks before.Marco is now under the protection of Greyhound Protection UK .I got so much abuse from julieanne she actually threatened to come and Smash my face in when we exposed her but I gave her a round of F**k offs aswell as some other choice words also its water off a ducks back.I keep checking in to find out if trainers are giving her dogs and so far they aren’t and she is off the radar. I have spoken to 6 other people so far who had free dogs from these jokers and again no checks. They are basically pet peddlers who were making a lot of money from the dogs.I just hope all
The others they homed are safe. When you get a team of people with the same passion fighting a cause you really can make a difference.

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