Ballymac James found in Spain!

Message from Kerry!

I’m sure most greyhound people would have seen the post by Tina Wales Solera at Galgo Del Sol about Ballymac James who was found on the streets of Spain in horrific condition. As soon as Tina Spoke to me we found out who this lad was and who his trainer /breeder was. No surprise it was Liam Dowling who exports these beautiful dogs all over the world. The photos show just a few dogs he has exported to Spain, Pakistan and Argentina. He has been exposed already be Caged. Soon as Ballymac James was made public I said Liams name will now be removed and it will be replaced with exported. How predictable are the racing industry because in less than 24 hours that’s what’s happened. No one is taking responsibility for the dog yet he was sent to Spain while in the name of a registered trainer and breeder for the Irish Greyhound Board. Until 24 hours ago he was still down as standing in Ireland.This poor young dog has been in Spain less than five month and he has horrific injuries including a badly broken hock and NO microchip. Dowling had the neck to bang on only recently about how much he loved the dogs and how all racing greyhounds are cared for blah blah blah.The racing industry is a self regulated industry and this is just another example of why that is so wrong because people like Dowling can do what they like and it will get covered up. Why isn’t the industry helping with funds to pay for one of their dogs? Galgo Del Sol have over 200 dogs why should they pick up the pieces for the racing industry? What is on the Greyhounds side these days is so many people want to help them and speak out about how they are treated.Tina and her team are amazing and I can’t thank them enough for taking this lad in. His transport is booked for the UK and he will becoming to me at Greyhound Protection UK in April. I will do my upmost to get some media attention on this.

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