Dirtbird Mac is joing us soon!

Greyhound Protection UK have a very special boy arriving to the UK this weekend. Mac racing name Dirtbird Mac from Spain .Mac is an Irish bred racing Greyhound who is still registered with the Irish Greyhound Board yet in October 2019 he was exported to Spain for breeding and racing. Mac is apparently pretty mentally … Continued

Dingle Black arrived in the UK!

Irish tattooed greyhound Dingle Black arrived in the UK. Little Dingle has only just turned two years ago. She had trials in Feb and March then shipped straight to Spain for breeding. Some people may not see an issue with that but Spain is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of sighthound each … Continued

Owen- Shake My Hand has arrived in the UK

The very tall and very lovely Owen has arrived Spain. He is an Irish racing dog called Shake My Hand and still registered in Ireland. He has been in Spain 12 months and used as a breeding machine that’s been past from pillow to post. He is now finally in the UK and will have … Continued

Update on Irish dogs saved in Spain.

An update on the Irish dogs we saved in Spain the other day. Sorry on the delay I was waiting on vet reports and tbh I am so pissed off at the state of these dogs. Racing names Stary Pop was called Monroe Sky last raced in Ireland March 2021. Loafers Panda last raced in … Continued

Happy 9 Birthday to us!

Greyhound Protection UK is 9 years old today so Happy Birthday to us. I started BGP (what is was called then) after helping a local rehoming centre and seeing how many greyhounds needed help that wasn’t lucky enough to go to mainstream charity’s .I also was anti Greyhound Racing and didn’t want to keep my … Continued

Please meet Bonnie!

Another responsible homing from the racing industry. Please meet new girl Bonnie racing name Choden Bonnie. She found herself on pets4homes for sale after racing AatSheffield 3 weeks ago, then she had a run at Askern Sunday and apparently her foot is sore from the sand. It is clear to see that Bonnie has a … Continued

Please meet Owen!

Please meet Owen racing name Shake My Hand .Owen is an Irish bred racing dog who raced in Ireland then while still registered as being under the IGB he was exported to Spain for breeding. Soon as he was no longer needed by the breeder in Spain he was up for sale to anyone who … Continued

Please meet Bob

Please meet Bob He is joining us today at the Lincolnshire Branch after he was taken to a pound by his owner. He is from a rehoming centre who know he is coming to us. He is 7 years old.The reason he was taken to a pound is because he guards foods and he nipped … Continued

Please meet Paddy!

Please meet Paddy racing name Some Paddy .He was rehomed via a rescue but owner does not  know which one so if a rescue knows this lad please contact me. He raced on Kinlsey track apparently. The owners couldn’t keep him  longer so put him up for sale on one of these selling pages like … Continued

Welcome to GPUK Nessa!

Message from Kerry! So last week I was sent this add a million times.Tracy collected her for me and has looked after her until I can have her tomorrow. Please welcome Nessa She already has a home lined up.The lady I got her from was just bothered about the cash as they all are. She … Continued