Almost an Angel 66 is fundraising for us!

Almost an Angel 66 (Elle Wilson) is offering to donate a COMMISSION piece of your own dog to help raise funds for one of the charities she supports – BIRMINGHAM GREYHOUND PROTECTION. The commission may take up to 5 months to complete due to work demands but its more than worth the wait.
The commission will be 14 x 10 on watercolour board in watercolour and pen
Second Runners Up Prize
15 x 10.5 inch mounted print of your choice
Third Runners Up Prize
10 x 7 inch mounted print of your choice
Fourth Runners Up Prize
7 x 5 inch mounted print of your choice
(Print choices can be seen in my etsy shop below)
The raffle will run until 8PM (U.K. time) 1st June and we hope to announce the winner the next day.
Virtual tickets can be purchased by commenting on this thread and will be allocated to you in linear order. They will be £2 a number.
BUT I understand that this may not work for International People, in which case donating to BGP via paypal will be the option.
Send Payment via Paypal (using family and friends) to
(can you screenshot confirmations of payment made please – that would really help)
Remember I am an artist, so my brain not the greatest for this sort of stuff, but there are hounds in much need of help.
Elle Wilson will confirm payments raised over the course of the raffle. Please mark all payments BGP and if your facebook name is different to the name you make payment with let us know.
Bank details are as follows
BANK of Scotland
Acc Name – Almost An Angel 66
Acc Number – 06279459
Sort Code – 12-24-82
Good luck everyone and lets hope this raises the fabulous amount it deserves. Every single penny will go to Birmingham Greyhound Protection. Shipping of all items are included too.
Please message me if anyone has any questions.
Cheers Elle.


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