All adopted dogs need time, patience and commitment!

Message from our recent adopters. All rescue dogs need time, patience and commitment.

2 weeks ago today we adopted Ernie and it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Right from the first night he had separation anxiety whenever we left the room and would bark all night so I had to sleep on a camping mat just outside his room on the kitchen floor. I’m self employed so I effectively went part time for the first week so I could be with him until my teenage daughter got home from school. I would go out for 1/2 an hour at first then slightly longer each time until he got used to being on his own and realised that we always come back. Last Monday (week 2) Ernie slept all night without barking and I got to go back to my own bed for the first time in a while. We’re now at the point where I go to work around 8:30 and go back for 1/2 hour at lunch time and he seems to be coping pretty well.
I’m writing this to say to anyone who is thinking of adopting or has recently adopted on of these wonderful dogs, please don’t give up on them if it’s a bit difficult at first or you feel they just won’t settle, you will get there eventually and the rewards are worth every minute, they just need a little patience and understanding.
Ernie is the most gentle, loving and gorgeous boy and we wouldn’t change him for the world.

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