We are very proud that the actress Pauline Mclynn and the very talented artist Elle J Wilson have both been patrons of Birmingham Greyhound Protection for quite some time now. Pauline played Mrs Doyle in father Ted. She’s also been in Shameless and Eastenders amongst many other things. Elle J Wilson is the owner of AlmostAnAngel66. We have been fans of her work for many years and Kerry has lots of her paintings on her walls at home.

Having these wonderful ladies on board is wonderful news for greyhounds as a breed but also both ladies are anti- greyhound racing and support BGP in getting greyhound racing banned and the export of racing greyhounds stopped. We want to thank both ladies for believing in BGP and Kerry. It means everything ❤️


Pauline Mclynn

ellie j wilson

Ellie J Wilson

Ellie runs a contemporary Dog and Pets portraits on Etsy.

View here.