Anti Racing

Greyhoud Protection UK is against greyhound racing

Many greyhounds are killed both because they are rejected before they even reach racing and at the end of their ‘careers’
In 2017, 16,000 greyhounds were bred in Ireland for Irish and Brithis greyhound racing, and of these dogs a yearly average showes 6,000 ( 37.5%) were culled/ destroyed in Ireland. 6,250 of the 10,000 remaining dogs were exported to Great Britan leaving a remainder of just 3,750 dogs, that is a meagre 23.4% remaining alive from the 16,000 bred in Ireland.

Their racing career is normally terminated when 3-4 years old after competing in about 50 races. Length of career, however, can vary greatly and is frequently brought to an abrupt and sometimes horrific end through injury.

Racing greyhounds are NOT well looked after

Racing dogs are generally kennelled for 23 hours a day, if not longer, with two dogs commonly sharing one small kennel. Standards of kennels are invariably basic to say the least and muzzles are used as a long term solution where fighting may occur.
The condition of many greyhounds offloaded by their trainer/owner continues to shock even the most experienced rescue personnel. Injuries sustained annually total 5 figures and result in hundreds of greyhounds being euthanased; the majority solely on economic grounds.

In all aspects of welfare the industry has failed dismally, and since 1926 (when commercial greyhound racing began in Britain) hundreds of thousands of greyhounds have been killed.

If you would like to get involved in anti racing campage, please send us an email. Also you can visit CAGED Nationwide page for anit racing news/updates.