About Us

Welcome to Greyhound Protection UK

We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue and rehoming of greyhounds in need.

We are against the racing industry and raise awareness about the racing industry.

Vast numbers of these beautiful dogs are killed and abandoned, over 10,000 in the UK and Ireland are unaccounted for every year. More recently, ex racing greyhounds are being exported to countries with no welfare to be bred from or raced again when they should be in a home relaxing after their racing life. Many of them then find their way into the meat trade in countries like China. We are dedicated to trying to prevent this being the ultimate fate of these gentle dogs.

UK Greyhound Protection, previously Birmingham Greyhound Protection was set up in June 2012 by Kerry Elliman.
After a few years of rehoming greyhounds, I could see there was a big gap, a need to help greyhounds that were not lucky enough to be put into the mainstream greyhound rescues.

Kerry is also the Founder of Candy Cane Rescue.