5 beautiful greyhounds on their way to America

Today Birmingham Greyhound Protection sent five beautiful rescued ex racing greyhounds Buster, Pedro, Puma and Rosie to America to Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption Centre. Sharron Thomas and I have worked together for past two years with Candy Cane dogs and these are the second lot of greyhounds BGP have sent to Fast Friends. It is always so emotional sending our greyhounds because I am so protective over them and want them to be safe. I trust Sharron and her team 100% and by them taking even just five at a time, that is another five I can get in through BGP. There are just not enough homes for all the racing greyhounds breed in the UK and Ireland every year. That is the reason why 7000 greyhounds die in the UK and Ireland each year. One day I hope racing greyhounds in the UK and Ireland will be a thing of the past. People often say “if there is no greyhounds racing there will not be any greyhounds “. The greyhound industry have made that much mess all over the world with export, that greyhounds will never die out and will always need rescue. Thank you to Karen Hassan and the wonderful Vaughan Harman as always and the rest of the team that helped with these hounds.

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