2 more Irish greyhounds rescued in Spain!

The other day I posted about a greyhound in Spain called Bad to the Bone. He was for sale really cheap as he had a fractured leg. We sadly missed out on buying him as we were too late. Last night he came back up for sale and now here he is (black boy) we got him. He is now under Birmingham Greyhound Protection. He is an Irish racing greyhound and still registered to the IGB. We also rescued a female greyhound born in Spain. She has just had pups and they are only 7 weeks old and the ower let us have her for breeding. She was mated with Cooper the Irish greyhound we rescued last week. So thanks to the self regulated industry they have created a disgusting industry in Spain where dogs are being bred and bred through out Spain and Portugal and being used as machines. We have had 3 with leish, four needing massive dentals, 3 covered in scars, two with fractures and one with an infected uterus. Around 500 dogs are going to Spain each year. I have been working with some great people on the the exports of racing greyhounds and have a lot of exposure to come out. Please don’t bet on greyhound racing ,it is cruel, outdated and there is a bigger picture than the dogs just running around the tracks.

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